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Not From Around Now (Poetry for a Small Choir)

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pink strip for hope
deep sleep sentence

blue slip for danger
long deep silence

i come in and hand out
all my yellow strips
all my burgundy slips

deep space science
long sleep conscious

As a more-or-less-percussionist, I have developed a phobia for simple rhythms.  That is to say, I enjoy listening to many 4-beat compositions, but I generally find these types of time signatures rather uninteresting to work with.  So, I imagine the listeners so inclined may have a good time counting beats on certain tracks.   Tonally, I have avoided the use of such things as predefined cords, which are traditionally assigned one or another type of emotional impact.  When several notes are played simultaneously, I tried to explore a variety of options, from harmonic to very dissonant.  In one or two tracks I used quarter-tone intervals (common in Persian music), which allow one to produce nice and fuzzy blends of sounds.  Overall, the approach to building “Can You Stay Forever?” was informed by my desire to more or less “start from scratch” in music making, combined with a very natural naiveté about many of the fundamental principals of musical composition, which I simply have not had a chance to learn.   The album is infused with world musics, and one will definitely hear minimalist trends in many of the tracks, as well as other trends that I may not even know about.  Because this will probably be the only CD I will ever release without learning the fundamental aspects of the musical theory first, I thought I would try to turn this deficiency into a deliberate choice and take advantage of it.  I don't know if I am educated enough to correctly assess the results, so I will have to leave this up to you.   

And so, I now put behind me the 3 ½ years of work on this CD (and 7 years of dealing with the various incarnations of this poetry).  Some time from now, this will be the only landmark by which I will remember these years of my life.  But this child has grown up, and I leave it to define its own future.  Maybe we will meet again, somehow…But in a way, we are inseparable until the day I die.  

A. Molotkov, September 2004

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