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Not From Around Now (Poetry for a Small Choir)

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and i asked the dead
isn't every day
a tuning fork
for the next?
isn't everyone
a rehearsal
for others?

Around this time, my Discord Aggregate siblings in arts and I were working on the CD “The Texture of the Sky”.  It was decided that each of us would compose a third of the album.  As intimidating as this seemed to someone who had never meddled in musical composition before, I found the process to be sheer fun.  The experience confirmed the notion that various art forms can and will coexist within one artist’s area of operation.  In fact, they will contribute to one another, and make room for revelations that may elude an artist rooted in a single art form.   

My composition “The Carrier of Time” from “The Texture of the Sky” became the start of a musical exploration which I felt had to continue.  This piece is built in such a way that no two consecutive notes in a theme are produced by the same instrument.  I enjoyed this approach because it led to some fairly non-traditional music making.  At the same time, the listener does not appear to focus on the fact that the notes come from diverse sources, lending this admittedly artificial recipe a measure of realism on par with more linear musical structures.   

By the time “The Texture of the Sky” was released, I knew I was going to do a solo CD.  And the poetry from “Not From Around Now” came to mind.  The poetry would receive one more incarnation, and the music would obtain a strong and emotionally charged verbal axis.   

By the beginning of 2001, I had built a home studio and started the recording.  It was clear to me that I had to draw upon many sources.  I invited over a dozen of musicians to participate – in order to cover all the “standard” instruments, plus whatever exotic acoustic contraptions I could dig up.  I asked the musicians to record scales, which I could then split into individual notes – as well as improvisations, which I could use to balance out the collages built as described above.  Additionally, I invited four artists to record my poetry along with me, resulting in a wealth of interpretations to draw upon.  

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