Not From Around Now (Poetry for a Small Choir)



i was invited to a carnival
but they forgot to tell me
it would take place
they forgot to tell me
it would start
so of all places
i’ve chosen here
of all times
i’ve chosen now


pink strip for hope

deep sleep sentence

blue slip for danger

long deep silence

i come in and hand out
all my yellow strips
all my burgundy slips

deep space science
long sleep conscious

  Circle of Enigma

the caretaker of five realities
step out of one to steps into anothers  
he forgetting what when
how he distinguish betweens five
he may lost his track
longs ago
he fix ups one 
breaks anothers
he fix ups anothers  
breaks one
and he don't really know
it nots the same once agains
he is sads
he bad caretaker
a failures
a losers  
insteads of five he gots less than one
all disjointeds
all sads
all elusives

you know me
you know me well
the face on a dollar bill is mine
not yours
not someone else’s
the face on a dollar bill is mine
you know me well
Wheel of Misfortune

just hold my hand
just hear me
just think of me
just love me

from wherever you are
even when i'm silent
even if you don't know me
even if i don't exist


time is a puzzle
worth solving
mix it up again
i still want my puzzle

i can even face
my past present future
when at last all
questions are answered

my confusion is
no longer apparent
i will talk to myself
just to practice

i extend my hand
beyond the horizon
i may ask for your help
if only i find you

Lost Motion

i licked your rainbow for a while
my brain is out of style
the one who forbids is near
i'll give an answer and he'll freeze in fear

i took your shadow for a ride
my time is measured in lies
the one who waits is here
i'll give a signal and he'll disappear


the Gardener of Else
is preparing a feast for his rival
The Voiceless Adept of Other
who measures success in elapsed time
and mixed meanings
(his palace is not maid of air
but of vacuum)
when the feast begins
all sounds are transparent
like palms of amputated hands;
all information has been brought to zero -
let's start again!
when the feast is over
all clocks in the world strike two
twice in a row
but not so we could hear
when the guests are gone
all items in the world trade places
with themselves
Fish of Time

when you lose control
the future mixes with the past
and you can never tell
a cause from a consequence;

are you still alive?
(and if you are immortal
is between the day after yesterday

all these questions
that make your navigation
(and how much time
(how long must you wait
for right now?)

when you gain control
the past merges with the future
and you still can't tell
a reason from an outcome

have you been born yet?
then for how long?)
and the day before tomorrow?)





A. Molotkov