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The Catalog of Broken Things

Poetry collection out
from Airlie Press
Application of Shadows

Coming in September
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"Frozen Angels", CD

Love Outlives Us, Raining Back Up
live performances by the Moonlit Guttery Team

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A Broken Russia Inside Me, memoir
A Slight Curve, novel
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The Invention of Distance - new chapbook out

AM wins Oregon Literary Felowship

AM joins Airlie Press, poetry collection The Catalog of Broken Things forthcoming in 2016

Your Life As It Is, Editor's Choice,
2014 Accents Publishing Chapbook Contest

The Endless Moon, The Kenyon Review
A Driving Lesson, Pif Magazine
Selections from Time and Absence, 2River View

AM & Ragon Linde perform Time and Absence
at Ghost Town Poetry
What Is, What Could Be, and What Can Never Be
an interview at Combustus

The Eternal Shore
"The Eternal Shore", short film

True Stories from the Future
"True Stories from the Future", winner of the 2011 Boone's Dock Press chapbook contest

Poetry in Russian and English with AM
hosted by Chris Luna

Debut solo CD, "Can You Stay Forever?"

AM wins the 2010
New Millennium Writings fiction contest

AM wins the 2008 E. M. Koeppel  Award,
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A. Molotkov